Install Notepad++ in Ubuntu 12.04

Installing Notepad++ in Ubuntu 12.04

Notepad++ is an excellent open source editor. But it is not officially supported for Ubuntu. But we can install it in via Wine. ( Wine is a windows package for Ubuntu)


1. If you doesn’t have Wine installed, install it from Dashboard or terminal using sudo apt-get install wine

2. Go to Notepad++ website and download windows installer ( Direct Link here )

Click on v6.3 installer

Choose Open with Wine Windows Program

Choose language.

Install. create short cut on Desktop

( Note:- I have modified the GUI property using Setting –> Style Configurator –> Default Style )

Alternatively I have a youtube video too

Notepad++ is arguably best free editor in Windows and now you can use it in Ubuntu too.

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15 Responses to Install Notepad++ in Ubuntu 12.04

  1. mostafa says:

    very gooooooooooooood
    i can install it

  2. srikanth ganta says:

    Reblogged this on Srikanth's Blog.

  3. oweceej says:

    Nice instructions, clear and concise. I now have it working on my ubuntu installation, thanks to you.
    Thanks for sharing that with us.

  4. ISHW says:

    Thanks!It is very useful!

  5. santhosh71189 says:

    Can we add right click shortcut for notepad++ ?

    • sqlandplsql says:

      Ofcourse. Will update you soon

    • sqlandplsql says:

      Step1 – click settings –> Edit Popup contextmenu
      Step2 – Open contextMenu.xml
      Step3 – Add your entries ( for example I have added “lowercase” and “UPPERCASE” as shown below )

      Item MenuEntryName=”Edit” MenuItemName=”Cut”
      Item MenuEntryName=”Edit” MenuItemName=”Copy”
      Item MenuEntryName=”Edit” MenuItemName=”Paste”
      Item MenuEntryName=”Edit” MenuItemName=”Delete”
      Item MenuEntryName=”Edit” MenuItemName=”UPPERCASE”
      Item MenuEntryName=”Edit” MenuItemName=”lowercase”

      Item MenuEntryName=”Edit” MenuItemName=”Select all”

      Step4 – Save the xml file. Restart the notepad

      Alternatively you can learn more here

  6. villanovano says:

    Reblogged this on villanovano and commented:
    We will try on this new linux stage… Stay tuned!

  7. badelakshmi says:

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    Originally Posted in

  8. Shrikant Jadhav says:

    That’s good
    Now I can even install other windows application like this.
    Thanks for post

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