Memory test for Browsers in Ubuntu 12.04

Memory test for Browsers in Ubuntu 12.04

Today I have done an exercise to check how much memory each browser consume in Ubuntu 12.04.

I have tested 3 popular browsers by opening 10 sites in each tab


Opened above 10 tabs in each browser and verified the memory by using System Monitor

1. Mozilla Firefox РVersion 14.0.1

Firefox memory consumption

2. Google Chrome –¬†Version 21.0.1180.89

Chrome memory consumption

3. Opera РVersion 12.01

Opera Memory Consumption

Firefox – 655 MB

Chrome – 652 MB

Opera – 318 MB

Firefox and Chrome consumes almost same amount of memory while Opera use just around half of others. So Opera is the absolute winner!!!!

So we must give 100% credits to opera. I am running my Ubuntu12.04 in a laptop with 2 GB ram. So if I open 10 tabs in firefox or chrome it will use more than 30% memory !!.

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2 Responses to Memory test for Browsers in Ubuntu 12.04

  1. Yes, I’ve noticed the same thing on Windows 7 x64 – Opera is by far the lightest browser. The only problem is that most site developers don’t make sure their work show properly on Opera. A quick example is and especially the Manage Page part of the site.

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