Oracle is the leading RDBMS (Relational Data Base Management System) available in the modern market. Oracle Software is produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation ( Oracle Corporation has many other products based on Applications, Middleware, Server and Storage Systems etc. In 2011 Oracle has acquired Java and MySQL where MySQL is a open source database.

Major mile stones
* 1977 – Oracle founded ( Formerly Software Development Laboratories )

* 1979
* 1983 – Oracle database 3
* 1992 – Oracle database 7
* 1997 – Oracle database 8
* 1999 – Oracle database 8i
* 2001 – Oracle database 9i
* 2003 – Oracle database 10g
* 2007 – Oracle database 11g

Oracle database 11g release 2 is the latest version. Oracle is planning to release latest database release Oracle 12c. Read more about Oracle 12c here.

Oracle Database

Oracle Database is suitable for all types of small and large applications including enterprise applications, data warehouses, websites, big data analysis projects etc. Oracle is considered to be fast, reliable, secure and easy to manage for all types of database.

Database Market Share 

Without argument Oracle is the best database available in the market as of today and holds  majority of the database market share. Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2 are the nearest rival for Oracle nowadays.