Oracle MOD function

MOD function returns the remainder of a number divided by another number.


select MOD(m,n) from dual;

It is the mathematical expression m MOD n.

m MOD n returns remainder of m divided by n.

Mathematical Explanation :-

m ≡ b  (mod n)  means (m – b) is divisible by n where b is an integer.

12 ≡  2 (mod 5) means (12 -2) is divisible by 5. ie 10 is divisible by 5.

12 ≡ 0 ( mod 12) means (12 – 0) is divisible by 12.

Examples :-

1) select MOD(10,3) from dual;


2) select MOD(3,0) from dual;


2) select MOD(3,5) from dual;


Some more examples

MOD(5,2) 1
MOD(5,0) 5
MOD(5,5) 0
MOD(2,5) 2
MOD(-2,5) -2
MOD(5,-1) 1
MOD(5,0.5) 0
MOD(5,1.2) 0.2

Oracle has introduced another function REMAINDER in 10g version. Note that MOD and REMAINDER function looks similar but not exactly. Explained in another post.


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