TIOBE Programming Index for May 2012

It is not easy to find what is the best or widely used programming language. Each language and tool has its own advantages and dis-advantages and also related to individual’s/organization’s interest, money, portability, support, dependency, availability etc.

TIOBE programming index is a measure of popularity of programming languages, calculated from number of search engine results for queries containing the name of the language. The index is updated once a month. Read more in Wikipedia

According to the TIOBE Index PL/SQL reached 13 nth position from 21 st position last year. I am happy that PL/SQL is gaining momentum.

Read complete article about TIOBE here

PL/SQL is a very a powerful language especially for database programming. But PL/SQL can be used also for web application development using Oracle APEX.

Oracle APEX ( Oracle Application Express ) is a rapid web application development tool for the Oracle database. Using only a web browser and limited programming experience, you can develop and deploy professional applications that are both fast and secure.
(Read more about Oracle APEX here)

Apart from PL/SQL, I personally prefer C, Python and PHP. I would love to learn Objective-C since it is widely used in mobile platform applications. Looking for nice tutorial, link etc.

What you prefer to code ? Comment.