Show Desktop in Ubuntu 12.04

Show Desktop Icon in Ubuntu 12.04

I am still surprised why Ubuntu 12.04 doesn’t have show desktop icon by default ( Basic Configuration ) . It is little annoyed user need it to explicitly install a utility for show desktop icon in Unity. Though it has a keyboard shortcut to achieve this, but many people either not use keyboard short cuts or more mouse savvy.

Show Desktop Icon – MyUnity utlity

MyUnity is an unofficial Unity configurator. You can install it via Ubuntu Dashboard  or Ubuntu Software Center or Terminal

1) Ubuntu Dashboard

MyUnity after Installation

2. Ubuntu Software Center

MyUnity in Ubuntu Software Center

3. Terminal

sudo apt-get  install myunity

Show Desktop Icon – Keyboard Short Cut

Super Key + D  ( Super key is also known as Windows Key )

Some systems it will not work. So you can customize key board short Cut

Go to Dashboard enter ‘Keyboard’. Open Keyboard.

Shortcuts –> Navigation –>  Hide all normal windows and assign a shortcut you wish to. I have chosen Ctrl+Alt+M.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Some more options are available by using compiz manager, ubuntu tweak  etc.

Hope Canonical will include Show Desktop Icon in Ubuntu default repository officially in future release.