Windows 8 new features

Microsoft Corporation is eyeing Windows 8 will be a trend setter by designed it for desktops, laptops and tablets at same time. Question is IT world will make it a success or not. Microsoft is lagging far behind in Mobile Operating Systems.

Few Windows 8 new features

1. Metro Style

First time in history Windows coming without start button

Windows 8 Metro Interface

2. Windows store

Microsoft has confirmed the introduction of a Windows 8 will have Windows store, similar to the Ubuntu Software Center or Apple Store, that allows developers to publish their applications on Windows 8 devices.

3.  New logging methods

Windows 8 will have two new logging methods, PIN based and Picture based

4. Microsoft account integration

User can log using Microsoft Account and sync up their data and files

5. Live USB support

Windows 8 will allow users to create a bootable USB Flash drive (Live USB) with Windows 8 in it like ( This feature is from Ubuntu ).

6. USB 3.0 support

Windows 8 will support USB 3.0

7.  Default Antivirus software

Windows 8 would come pre-installed with effective anti-virus software by default.

8. Task Bar, Windows Explorer and Restore

Enhanced version of Task Bar, Windows Explorer and easy Restore mechanism

Windows 8 expected to release later in 2012 for Tablets and PCs.