Remote desktop in ubuntu 12.04

In Ubuntu 12.04 Remmina Remote Desktop Client is the default remote desktop program. But unfortunately I didn’t work well in Ubuntu 12.04 and lot of issues users are logging.

So install Vinagre ( Website ) – which was available in previous Ubuntu Versions. Ubuntu 12.04 you need to install in Manually.

How to install Vinagre

Method 1 : Using Ubuntu Software Center

Open Ubuntu Software Center and search “Vinagre” or “Remote Desktop Viewer” and Install

Remote Desktop Viewer Ubuntu

Remote Desktop Viewer Ubuntu

Method 1 : Using Terminal

Execute below command in Terminal

sudo apt-get install vinagre

Open a remote desktop connection with Ubuntu


1. Host computer ( Your System ) and Remote System should have vinagre  installed

2. Required IP Address or Remote System host name ( Note :- If Remote System is connecting internet via Router, you need to find Router IP ( or Service Provide IP – This may be static or dynamic ).

3. Desktop Sharing Settings – This must be done for both Host System and Remote System

Open Desktop Sharing

desktop sharing properties








Apply below properties as you require.

setup desktop sharing property ubuntu












Step 1 – Open Vinagre or Remote Desktop Viewer

Step 2 – Click Connect

Step 3 – Choose

Protocol – VNC

Host –  vnc:// ( Where is IP of Remote Computer/Router and yyyy is the port )

Remote Desktop Connection Ubuntu

Click Connect

Now Remote System might have received a request from you. Remote system has to accept the connection by entering password ( if required )

Now you can see and operate Remote System