Difference between Trunc and Round functions Oracle

TRUNC and ROUND function looks similar but not exactly.

ROUND function used to round the number to the nearest while TRUNC used to truncate/delete the number from some position. Some cases both returns same result.

SQL> select trunc(25.67),round(25.67) from dual;

TRUNC(25.67)    ROUND(25.67)
————                      ————
25                                    26

Below chart clearly explains the difference

25.67,0 25 26
25.67,1 25.6 25.7
25.34,1 25.3 25.3
25.34,2 25.34 25.34
25.67,-1 20 30

So next time when you are using TRUNC and ROUND remember that both might give different results !

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