Memory test for Browsers in Ubuntu 12.04

Memory test for Browsers in Ubuntu 12.04

Today I have done an exercise to check how much memory each browser consume in Ubuntu 12.04.

I have tested 3 popular browsers by opening 10 sites in each tab


Opened above 10 tabs in each browser and verified the memory by using System Monitor

1. Mozilla Firefox – Version 14.0.1

Firefox memory consumption

2. Google Chrome – Version 21.0.1180.89

Chrome memory consumption

3. Opera – Version 12.01

Opera Memory Consumption

Firefox – 655 MB

Chrome – 652 MB

Opera – 318 MB

Firefox and Chrome consumes almost same amount of memory while Opera use just around half of others. So Opera is the absolute winner!!!!

So we must give 100% credits to opera. I am running my Ubuntu12.04 in a laptop with 2 GB ram. So if I open 10 tabs in firefox or chrome it will use more than 30% memory !!.

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2 responses to “Memory test for Browsers in Ubuntu 12.04”

  1. Yes, I’ve noticed the same thing on Windows 7 x64 – Opera is by far the lightest browser. The only problem is that most site developers don’t make sure their work show properly on Opera. A quick example is and especially the Manage Page part of the site.