Latest version of Oracle database – Oracle 12c

Oracle 12c database

The latest version of Oracle’s database will be released in either December 2012 or January 2013. CEO of Oracle Larry Ellison said in an onstage interview.

In Oracle 12c, ‘c’ stands for Cloud

Oracle in putting more effort on Cloud systems these days. Oracle already released Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c in earlier this year. Now Oracle has the latest database a Oracle 11g release 2. Oracle not release any other information about Oracle 12c, but sure that it will be more ‘cloud’ based than Oracle 11g.

Oracle 12c new features

Oracle is the leading RDBMS available in the market. ( According to Technology research firm Gartner, Oracle revenue share is higher than 45% in database.

Oracle Corporation   IT server world is curiously waiting to see the power of Oracle database machine supported by SUN hardware systems ( Oracle acquired Sun in 2010 )

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27 thoughts on “Latest version of Oracle database – Oracle 12c

  1. Oracle 10g is still in market and I hardly think that 11g was a major hit , but very high expectations from 12C as it is based on the cloud computing. Thumb’s up!

  2. Oracle update latest one is 12c.. c stands for cloud thy r adding new features and expanded the storage space safely and securely.. compare to 11g 12has many advanced features more secure than 11..but hard to study about 12

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