Android vs iOS – Which is best ?

Android is the mobile Google’s operating system and iOS is Apple’s operating system. Both of them are originally designed for running in mobile platforms and now running in many platforms

Which one is best ? Of course that is a million dollar question.

Android tablets

Market Share

According to Technology Research firm Gartner ( ) Android has 64% and iOS has 18% market share as of 2012 Q2. Android market share is growing rapidly than any other mobile vendors.

Mobile Apps

Apple store has more than 600,000 apps available and Android has more than 350,000 apps. Also there are more than 20,000 malicious android apps. Apple has more strict rules to choose apps than Android apps.


Android is a Linux-based operating system and Google releases the Android as open source. So any hardware vendor can adapt Android under open source license. iOS is a proprietary software of Apple corporation and it is closed.


Apple sells both software and hardware while Google does have only software. Also marginal profit is higher for hardware. Apple apps makes more revenue compare to Android apps. Only in mobile ad revenue Android has higher share.

Software Update

iOS running only in Apple products while Android runs in different systems of different vendors. So comparison is not so easy. Taking into consideration this fact Android operating systems are getting upgraded faster than Apple iOS.

Conclusion :-  Both has its own pros and cons still Android and iOS are the best mobile operating systems in the world. They outscored Nokia, Blackberry, Windows Mobile with a “huge huge” margin. So its customer choice which operating system you need.

3 responses to “Android vs iOS – Which is best ?”

  1. Where the count of malicious apple apps?

    1. Apple integrates apps into iTunes only after a tight scrutiny.

  2. Apple integrates apps into iTunes only after a tight scrutiny.

  3. I using android phone of apple. It’s too much fine. But what is iOS? Can you tell me more?