TIOBE index for August 2022

What is TIOBE programming index ?

TIOBE programming index is a measure of popularity of

programming languages, calculated from number of

search engine results for queries containing the name of

the language. The index is updated once a month

Read more here https://www.tiobe.com/tiobe-index/

TIOBE Index for August 2022
TIOBE Index for August 2022

From the above chart Python is the most popular

programming language followed by C and Java

respectively. SQL is at 9nth spot.

Very long history chart

Long History Chart

If we analyse the long history chart C is the most popular

language since 1987 till today, either at 1st or 2nd. Even

Java also consistently maintained the spot. SQL was at

7th position in 2002 and slipped to 9th in 2022, still looks


See below historical charts for Python,C,Java and SQL



Python Year-wise Chart


C Year-wise Chart


Java Year-wise Chart


SQL Year-wise Chart


Python popularity is increasing year by year, Why Python

is so popular in the programming world, may be because

of nice community support and data science package



C arguably one of the best programming language and

hopefully there forever!


Even though Java’s popularity is slightly declining in

recent years, undoubtedly Java is a favourite language


SQL is at the 9th place in the chart and still popular as

the TIOBE index. In general it is not easy to compare

normal programming languages like Python, C, Java etc

with SQL as it is only designed for databases. SQL

popularity remain almost same and may be slightly

increasing in recent years


We have learned about the first top 10 programming

languages as per TIOBE index. We can conclude that

any of 1-2 out of these top 10 programming language can

help you to stay in the IT world! So start learning Python,

C, C++, Java, SQL, Java Script, Php etc.


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