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PostgreSQL Date/Time Functions with examples
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Oracle PL/SQL

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Oracle DENSE_RANK function
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Ascii Chart Oracle
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While loop Oracle
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Oracle loop
Ceil function Oracle
Floor function Oracle
Trunc Function (Number) Oracle
Sign function Oracle
Round function (Number) Oracle
Difference between Trunc and Round functions Oracle
Power function Oracle
Numeric Functions Oracle
SQRT function Oracle
Greatest and Least function Oracle
dbms_output Oracle
Simple debugging tool Oracle
Difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE in Oracle
Truncate command Oracle
Latest version of Oracle database – Oracle 12c
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Merge Oracle
Translate function Oracle
Difference between replace and translate
Single quote manipulation Oracle
TO_CHAR function Oracle
SOUNDEX function Oracle
BITAND function Oracle
Oracle 12c new features
Polymorphism in Oracle
LEAD function Oracle
LAG function Oracle
Julian date Oracle
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Oracle Cursor basics
Oracle Cursor examples
Oracle Constraints
Oracle Constraints Examples
Joins Oracle
Triggers in Oracle
Bind variables Oracle
Ref Cursors Oracle
Ref Cursors Examples
5 different ways to test Oracle Ref Cursor results
Change password Oracle
What is High Water Mark in Oracle
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PLJSON – JSON extension for PL/SQL
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